Ergonomie’s knowledge of human behaviour, cognition, biomechanics and anthropometry allows us to support design teams in the development of new concepts or re-design of existing products.

We adopt a user-centred approach combined with scientific human factors techniques to design products or interfaces that minimise errors, improve efficiency and create a more pleasurable experience for the user.



We specialise in the design of equipment and products for a broad range of industries, and have experience in the support of product design projects in the following areas:

  • consumer products
  • interface design
  • equipment design
  • specialist medical products
  • workplace products



Our approach to product design includes:

  • establishing user profiles
  • determining users goals and expectations through workshops, focus groups and observation
  • heuristic evaluation and expert appraisal
  • application of practical evaluation and scientific literature and standards
  • user testing during prototype development to evaluate and develop interface designs